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Akademi Tape company was established in 1994; carton sealing tape has started its marketing activities in the sector, while in later years, Turkey has a place in the market through the production phase. Multifix has created its name as its own registered trademark and presents its products to its customers with this name.

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Wondering about Tape Production

The tape was made in 1928 by the American Richard Drew. One side of this tape, which was launched in Europe under the name of cello tape, a pressure sensitive surface was created with the use of a sticky substance called cellulose, so that the tape was adhered to the surface.

The length of each reel is adjusted according to 35 strips to be obtained. But of course, the length of the tape can be changed according to what the customer wants.

The quality of the tape is tested by taking a sample from each reel, and they try to understand how good the quality is by looking at how close the ball is left from an inclined surface and by keeping statistics.

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