Fiber Tapes

Heavy parcels, pipes and profiles etc. It is an ideal product used in heavy duty packaging. Thanks to its fibers, it shows high performance.

Akademi Bant Bina

25 Years Experience;

Fiber Tapes;

When the tape is removed and rewound it can leave a layer of fibers on the adhered surface. To prevent separation of the fiber layer, it is necessary to fold the end of the tape during application. The tapes, which leave almost no traces on the surface they adhere, are also used for temporary fixing. Low strength trace high strength retaining fiber tape with super strong fastening is always among the first choices.

While providing advanced customer service, it also offers self-adhesive product and system solutions that carry products forward. Our company has succeeded in being the most preferred company in the market as it prioritizes customer satisfaction in the fiber band price determination stage.

Production Information;

* Transparent

* 25 – 200 Meters

  • * 24 ~ 150 mm

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