Industrial Type Stretch Film

It ensures safe delivery of the products without any damage during the transportation of the material.

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Industrial Type Stretch Film

Industrial type stretch film group; It can be used to cover the products that are too large to be boxed in a sheltered manner or to wrap the parcel groups in order to prevent them from dispersing during transportation.

Stretch film group produced with different thickness PE carrier material up to 1500 m length and 50 cm width; It can also be produced in the desired length and width according to the number of orders.

It is the most cost effective solution. It is more economical thanks to its less damage. It has dynamic tension feature. By utilizing the stored energy, it provides an equally high load carrying capacity at every point of the film. Thanks to the ease of handling and handling, it decreases the effort and increases the efficiency. It is safe to use. Winding can be done with less effort. It is environmentally friendly. Because it requires much less plastic, it generates less waste.

Production Information;

* Transparent

* Blue

* Black

  • * 0,17 – 0,23 m

  • * 300 – 1500 Metre

  • * 50 cm

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