Masking Tapes

They are tapes with strong adhesion properties in industrial and general use.

Akademi Bant Bina

25 Years Experience;

Masking Tapes;

Masking tape group used in sectors where painting, varnishing is required for specific areas, especially in the construction, automotive, furniture and ship industries; Thanks to its special glue structure, it can be removed from the applied area without leaving any traces.

Our masking tape group produced with carrier materials with paint, water and thinner resistance; It can be produced in 2 different colors for different heat resistance. Depending on the number of orders, production can be made in the desired length and width.

Production Information;

* White

* Yellow

* Crepe Paper in All Products

* Hotmelt

* Natural Rubber

* 60º – 80º – 120ºC

  • * 12 – 25 – 36 – 50 mm

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