Non-Perm Ceramic Tapes

Permanent Adhesion: It is mostly used in Foam, Rubber, Paper, Cardboard and Textile lamination.

Akademi Bant Bina
Akademi Bant İmalat

25 Years Experience;

Non-Perm Ceramic Tapes

Our non-perm ceramic tape group; It is used to prevent scratches and deformations that may occur during transportation and storage in product groups that cannot be stacked in boxes such as ceramic sinks, closets and bathtubs. Non-perm ceramic band group, which is produced up to 300 mm width by using acrylic glue that does not leave marks with 2 different carriers, can be produced in desired dimensions and length, printed / unprinted according to the order quantity.

Production Information;

* Transparent

* PE or BOPP

* Acrylic

  • 50 – 300 mm

  • * 0,25 – 0,28 mm

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