Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

As Akademi Bant, in order to ensure continuity in product and service quality

Necessary to ensure that our employees perform their jobs in line with our goals; to provide information, education, infrastructure, and a healthy and safe working environment.
To ensure the continuation of product quality and reliability with the importance and awareness of customer satisfaction,
To cooperate with suppliers based on trust,
To ensure that our Quality Management System is documented, documented and continuously improved to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard,
To follow technological developments closely in order to reduce costs and increase profitability,
We are committed to being a model organization that respects the society and the environment we are in and contributes to the country’s economy.

Our Basic Values

  • We are honest;
  • We are fair and open in all our thoughts, communication and actions. “Don’t promise anything you can’t!
  • We are İnventor;
  • “We are inventive!” Innovation is our job! ..
  • We are Responsible;
  • We know and follow what is the responsibility …
  • We Respect People;
  • We value and develop each other as an individual …
  • We Put the Customer in the Center;
  • Each of our products and services add value to our customers …
  • We Manage Our Business With Data;
  • We constantly review business results through data … “Results are important!”
  • We Improve Ourselves Continuously;
  • We constantly ask, “What jobs can we do better today?” “Never hold the bar under your head!”
Akademi Bant Bina

Our Vision

To meet the needs of our customers with the highest quality products and services, to contribute to the development of the national economy, and to create value to be shared by constantly growing with profitability.

Our Mission

Growing with technological investments by following the innovations in the packaging industry, it is among the leading companies of the sector with its structure that is formed with high quality and global standards.

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