Our services

Akademi Tape makes all kinds of tape systems you need in the fastest and in accordance with the standards.

Printed Box Tapes

We produce printed duct tape in any size and color you want using the emblem, text, picture and symbol you want.

Unprinted Box Tapes

Transparent tapes that you can use without any problems in gluing all kinds of parcels and packaging materials.

Masking Tapes

They are tapes with strong adhesion properties in industrial and general use.

Surface Protection Tapes

Easily removable without a trace; They are tapes that protect the surfaces against scratches and impacts.

Fiber Tapes

Heavy parcels, pipes and profiles etc. It is an ideal product used in heavy duty packaging. Thanks to its fibers, it shows high performance.

Double Sided Tapes

It is specially produced for maximum holding performance.

Non-Perm Ceramic Tapes

Permanent Adhesion: It is mostly used in Foam, Rubber, Paper, Cardboard and Textile lamination.

Industrial Type Stretch Film

It ensures safe delivery of the products without any damage during the transportation of the material.

Roll Label

To make it easier to use in barcode printers and scales, its labels are wrapped and rolled.

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