Surface Protection Tapes

Easily removable without a trace; They are tapes that protect the surfaces against scratches and impacts.

Akademi Bant Bina

25 Years Experience;

Surface Protection Tapes;

Our surface protection tape group, which prevents scratching of products during storage and transportation, does not leave marks on the surface and can be easily removed thanks to the special acrylic glue applied.

The surface protection band group, which is produced in 3 different colors as a standard, prevents color differences and surface deformations that may occur on the product surface with UV resistance.

Production Information;

* Transparent

* Blue

* Top Black – Under White

* PE or COEX

* Acrylic

* 0,32 – 0,35 – 0,40 – 0,50 – 0,80 mm

* 500 – 3000 Meters

  • * 120 – 2500 mm

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