Unprinted Box Tapes

Transparent tapes that you can use without any problems in gluing all kinds of parcels and packaging materials.

Akademi Bant Bina

25 Years Experience;

Unprinted Parcel Tapes;

Stacking and storage will not be a problem for you with 3 different glue, 3 different colors and 12-300 mm thickness range that you can use without any problem in bonding all kinds of boxes and packaging materials. Apart from the standard production colors and widths, it can also be produced in the desired width and color according to the number of orders.

Our duct tape group using quality carrier and glue materials is long-lasting and hassle-free.

Production Information;

* Transparent

* White

* Brown

* BOPP on All Products

* Hotmelt

* Acrylic

* Natural Rubber

* 0,25 ~ 28 mm

* 24 ~ 300 mm

Why Academy Tape?

You have a lot of reasons to choose us.

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Ultimate Security

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